D2.2 NORS Flyer

D3.1 NORS Operational data delivery

D3.2 NORS Preliminary documentation of data delivery system

D3.3 Final documentation of data delivery system

D4.1 NORS Data format definitions

D4.2 NORS Data user guide

D4.3 NORS Uncertainty budgets

D4.4_NORS_Spatial Representativeness of NORS observations

D4.5_NORS_NORS data consistency

D4.6_NORS_Carbon monoxide mid- and near infra-red data assessment

D4.7 Report on consistency between satellite observations used for assimilation and NORS validation data

D5.2_NORS_Derived tropospheric column data

D5.3 Cross comparisons report

D6.2 Integrated Ozone profile data & D6.3 Integrated Ozone tropo- and stratospheric column data

D7.1 NORS Re-analysed time

D8.1 NORS Validation server User Requirements Document

D8.2 NORS Validation server design document

D9.2 Assessment of GAS products

D10.1 NDACC Capacity report

D10.2 NDACC status report

D10.3 NORS capacity and sustainability

D10.4 NORS as an in-situ GAS component